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At our premises were are able to cater for all types of road vehicle. We can offer various Ceramic Pro options that will provide the professional and complete service your vehicle deserves. Options vary from protecting the vehicles exterior paint, to the entire vehicle. We have solutions that will meet your exact standards and quality expectations.
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We provide professional valet services at your premises. This provides you with greater flexibility and is better suited to large marine vehicles. Applying our certified Ceramic Pro treatment skills we will provide your with the valet service you marine vessel deserves.

Comprehensive Valet Services For All Industries

Marine and road vehicles represent are just an example of the types of project we work on and the applications Ceramic Pro are suitable for. Trains, aviation, agriculture and construction also benefit greatly from Ceramic Pro treatments. To learn more about the extensive benefits of Ceramic Pro click here.

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Agriculture Machinery

Heavy machinery and vehicles in the agriculture sector are constantly tested by the elements. Through every season the body work of these vehicles are put under strain. Rain, snow, mud and dust are just the beginning of the strains these vehicles are put under.

With continuous operation essential, losing a vehicle for a period of time due to body work issues is extremely frustrating. Ceramic Pro's hydrophobic (water repellant) and shielding properties make it the perfect cleaning solution for agriculture machinery and vehicles. Apply Ceramic Pro treatments also significantly reduces the strain of future cleaning.

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Trains and Rail Transport


As the "face" of rail transport it is essential that paint work and appearance are of the highest standards when it comes to trains and rail transport. With delays and faults enough of an issue for rail companies to contend with cosmetic issues are the last thing rail companies and tran operators want to be concerned with.

Ceramic Pro tests show that the range of products are highly resistant to high temperature levels, Ultra violet rays that would normally cause aging and is able to withstand scuffing and minor scratches. With such high levels of footfall and varying weather conditions these features are highly beneficial.

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Building & Construction

With modern and contemporary buildings often built shelled entirely in glass or with significant architectural influence, the importance of being able to withstand the outdoor elements is a major factor. To retain credibility it's important they continue to look immaculate for years to come.

Ceramic Pro creates an additional layer when applied, providing hydrophobic properties (water repellent properties) that prevents oxidation and corossion. In addition, self-cleaning capabilities help to keep buildings looking at their best throughout every season, reducing the need for extensive cleaning. Laboraty tests show Ceramic Pro has performance rating of above 9H, which through appropriate maintenance will last for a lifetime.

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In the air and on the ground aviation vehicles experience a vast range of weather conditions. To ensure fleets and solo aeroplanes always look immaculate, it is essential they are treated with the very best cleaning products. 

With many types of aviation required to operate multiple times a day, maintaining these standards is very difficult. An aeroplane in poor aesthetic condition can reflect badly on a company, and as is the case in every day life first impressions are a key factor. Ceramic Pro treatments provide the long lasting appearance and shielding qualities that are required keep looking planes looking great in the air, on the ground and in the hanger.

Ceramic Pro's UV Protection properties and ability to perform at very cold and high temperatures is also an extensive benefit in the aviation industry.

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